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Chris Davies MEP
13-04-2013, 11:23 AM
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Chris Davies MEP
Hi New member of the forum. Been watching Vapour Trails for the last 16 months and with the EU TPD going on I thought it was about time I joined. I e-mailed Chris Davies a NW MEP and got the following reply from his office: (Sorry if anybody else has posted it - couldn't find it here)

Dear Peter,
Thank you for your email to Chris regarding the proposed Tobacco Products Directive. As you can imagine, we’ve had a lot of replies from smokers and ex-smokers all over the UK, so he’s taking a little time to sort through everything and will reply to everyone as soon as he can.
Chris is the UK team leader on the Environment and Public Health Committee, although his Belgian colleague, Frédérique Ries MEP, leads on the issue for European Liberals. He is greatly in favour of harm reduction as a principle and it may be the case that e-cigarettes help to reduce the numbers of smokers where so many other methods have not had such impressive success rates.
He thinks it will be necessary to introduce regulations to ensure their safe content, but he is opposed to banning them and is not convinced by the European Commission's proposal to restrict their nicotine content. Safety regulations that he could get behind might be for example obliging manufacturers to list the ingredients or including a warning such as “nicotine may be addictive” on packaging.
The aim of these regulations should be to keep e-cigarettes available as a harm reduction tool for adults while possibly restricting marketing to ensure they are not attractive to young people, for example not advertising near schools or in magazines aimed at young people.
Some people who have got in touch have been concerned that regulations will mean products will disappear until they can be approved. This will most certainly not be the case. European regulations and directives almost always have transition periods of at least a year (if not several) between the legislation being passed and them actually coming into force, so there would be no danger of existing users suddenly being unable to purchase their refills.
Research into the long term effects of vaping is not extensive and so the committee has commissioned some research from its policy department. MEPs have also been hearing from “stakeholders” such as E-cigarette manufacturers and public health experts, and Chris hopes that the views of those who have got in touch about vaping will also be taken into account.
The Rapporteur (the MEP in charge of guiding the legislation through the Parliament) is Linda McAvan, a Labour MEP, who seems quite keen to crack down hard on health issues so Chris is consulting with her as to what amendments she may accept. It seems there has been some research done last year that suggests these devices may act as a “gateway” to smoking cigarettes (although every reply from constituents that we’ve seen so far suggests the opposite).
Chris’s impression is that a substantial number of MEPs appear to be prejudiced against E-cigarettes because they look like cigarettes, and are perhaps overlooking the benefits they may bring to those who are trying to give up smoking. Clearly there is a difference between those looking like this and vapourisers which look more like a fountain pen.
Linda McAvan MEP has completed her initial report on the Directive Proposal, and Chris is likely to put down some amendments so he might email you again nearer the votes to encourage other MEPs to support certain points he will make.
You should know that the process will take a number of months. There will be initial discussion on the 25th of April and then the Committee will meet on the 10th and 11th of July to vote on the report. The first plenary (full parliament) votes are scheduled for September 2013. You can keep up with the proposals and the Parliamentary procedure here.
Thank you again for giving Chris your views on this subject. It is wonderful that so many of you have taken the time to contribute.
I hope this email has given you a little background about where the proposals will go from here. Do get in touch if there is anything else you would like clarifying.
As an aside, we usually ask constituents for their postcodes just so we can keep our records up to date. If you could reply to this email with this information then we can keep track of who we’ve got in touch with in the constituency.

Kind regards,

Kat Dadswell | Casework Assistant
Office of Chris Davies MEP
North West Liberal Democrats
87a Castle Street
United Kingdom SK3 9AR

Sent: 11 April 2013 20:20
To: [email protected]

Dear Mr Davies
Thank you for showing an interest in e-cigarettes and asking for opinions on the subject. I have lots to say on this matter but will try and keep it as brief as possible.

My story:
I'm 52 and live near Wigan. I used to smoke tobacco cigarettes and by 2011 I was smoking about 20 a day, having become a regular
smoker in my late 20's.Over the previous 3 or 4 years I'd noticed that I was coughing a lot, my chest would often be wheezy at night
and if I got a cold it took much longer to shake off. I know the dangers of smoking but enjoyed the habit and had tried to give up
several times with no long term success. In 2011 I heard about e-cigarettes and after a little research I thought that this could
meet my needs - to stop damaging my health, save some money yet continue my 'habit'. I ordered a starter set through the internet -
the small ones that look like cigarettes - and although they helped, the short battery life meant I was constantly having to recharge
them or forget to, and end up having a few cigarettes instead. However, this initial attempt led me to do more research on available
products and, a factor which was important to me, that I was genuinely reducing the harm I had been doing by smoking tobacco.
Over Christmas 2011, I had my usual Christmas cold which settled on my chest and I couldn't face a cigarette for days and vowed to
myself that I would stop once and for all. As soon as I felt the urge for a cigarette, I resurrected my starter set and managed to
avoid a 'real' one for the next few days. Just before New Years' Eve I decided to call into a new shop in Wigan which had just been
opened by one of the larger UK e-cigarette vendors. They let me test one of their products and sample a couple of different flavours.
Due to the stronger battery and method of converting the liquid to a vapour, from the first inhale I was convinced that this was for
me and this time I could do it. I went to a party on New years Eve, several of my friends were smoking but I was perfectly content
with the e-cigarette until very late on when the liquid ran out and I hadn't brought any to top it up as I didn't know how long the
refillable cartridge would last. I then smoked my last 3 tobacco cigarettes and haven't had another one since. One year and 3 months
(with just one drag last year to remind me what a tobacco cigarette tasted like). Over the next few months, my chest improved, the morning cough and nightly wheezing disappeared and I no longer get breathless climbing the stairs at work. 3 of my closest friends were so impressed that after my first 2 weeks they went out and bought a set and I'm pleased to say that they still use them and haven't smoked tobacco since. They too have noticed an improvement in their health.
My dentist has also commented on how clean my teeth are - no need for the usual clean and polish on my last 2 visits. As an ex-smoker
he was very interested in e-cigarettes - not in starting to use one but to recommend them to his friends.
Since starting I have reduced the nicotine level I use from 24mg, to 18mg, then to 11mg which is a level I'm comfortable with. The
4mg level proposed by the EU is too low to satisfy the majority of e-cigarette users.

A few shorter comments as I'm aware of your time!

Nicotine - yes I am still enjoying Nicotine which is on a par with Caffeine health-wise. People enjoy coffee for the caffeine kick -
unfortunately it doesn't suit me, a strong coffee makes my heart race and feel 'jittery'. I am no longer inhaling the by-products of
burning tobacco - tar, carbon monoxide and 4,000 carcinogens. My breath and clothes no longer smell - much appreciated by my wife.

Water Vapour - its not true that the vapour produced is water vapour. E-liquid is made from propylene glycol (which I understand is used in asthma nebulizers) and vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavourings. I buy liquid from vendors who assure me that the component parts are pharmaceutical grade. Most vendors will only sell to over 18s, and supply liquid in child-proof bottles which contain warnings.

Flavours - What should an e-cigarette taste of? There are tobacco flavoured liquids but to be honest they don't really taste like a
tobacco cigarette does. The variety of flavours is immense but helps to take the tobacco smoker away from the taste they've grown
used to and probably helps them to avoid returning to tobacco. I appreciate the concern is that young people will try e-cigarettes
then move on to the real thing. Having become used to the flavours I use, I did have one draw on a tobacco cigarette last year and found the taste to be quite disgusting! From personal experience,
e-cigarettes do not appear to appeal to younger people - users tend
to be 30 plus and wanting to stop using tobacco cigarettes.

Smoking Ban - E-cigarettes are sometimes seen as a way around the smoking ban. I don't use mine in work, but I spend my breaks outside
with the tobacco smokers. The older ones are interested and a few have bought their own during the last few months - my younger
colleagues aren't interested, even though they can't really afford to smoke (financially)and would be much better off using an e-cigarette.

Finally, all I want is to continue to 'vape' in the privacy of my home or outside. I'm doing no harm to anyone else and much less harm to myself. I would be happy to see some light regulation to ensure my liquid is produced under hygenic conditions and contains only what its supposed to contain. I don't mind even having to stand outside when I vape. I just don't want myself, my friends and the millions of vapers across the EU to be forced into a situation where they are tempted to return to smoking tobacco, which despite the known dangers, is under no threat of a ban.
Thank you for your time - and don't hesitate to contact me if you would like any further comments.

Yours sincerely

Peter ******.
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