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Writing to Martin Schulz and how to do it.
09-02-2014, 10:49 AM
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Writing to Martin Schulz and how to do it.
It is very important that we at least try to sway Martin Schulz, President of the EU.

So I have copied below my email to him, which is of a personal nature, rather than a demand.

I have done this, as I know how hard it can be to know where to start when emailing or writing to people like this, you never know the right words to say, so my advice is, do as I have, speak from the heart.

You can find a page with his details on HERE

Just, please, please, do it...

Dear Sir

I am writing to you out of sheer desperation.

Both my husband and myself, were smokers of cigarettes for 45 years before switching to electronic cigarettes. For myself, that has been 5 years, for my husband, around 1 year.

Ron, my husband was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer, no doubt caused by smoking, 18 months ago, and at the time, he asked his Cancer Nurse about his smoking habit, "should I stop?" "Oh no, it would be pointless now" was the reply he got. I was horrified! So I repeatedly tried to get him to switch and around 6 months ago he did so.

His Doctors, who had given up on him, were surprised to see him, still alive, is all I can assume, as they took a renewed interest in him.

I can't say the e-cigs have sustained his life, but in my heart I believe it to be the case.

I have, since the day I switched, taken an active role in promoting the use of e-cigs and have done all I can possibly do to help guide the Industry in regulation and using the regulations that are already in place. And I have done that by helping to form 3 years ago, where I spend a lot of time in a voluntary role, and prior to that, by supporting new 'vapers' via forums.

None of us at VTTV ( are paid in any way. We do what we do out of sheer passion for what we see as a life saver.

Along the way we have been joined by a lot of top Scientists and Academics who have agreed that e-cigs are the future, and that slowly but surely they will replace combustible cigarettes.

Please, all I ask of you, and I do beg you listen to us, is that e-cigs are taken out of the TPD, and are given more time, so that the CORRECT regulations be put in place.

Yes as a Vaper I want to be sure the e-liquid I use is safe, and Yes I want to see the inferior products that we sometimes see, off the market, but by putting article 18 into place, it will destroy the industry and push e-cigs into the Black Market, something none of us want to see.

You cannot un-invent something, and article 18 cannot make it disappear, but it can give a foothold to the inferior products and to dangerous e-liquid.

Please Sir, I beg you to listen to us.

Kindest Wishes

Christena Heseltine
age 63- resident of the UK
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13-02-2014, 10:58 AM
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RE: Writing to Martin Schulz and how to do it.
I wrote to Martin Schulz (and copied the Party Leaders) several days ago and this morning I received an email from Martin Callanan thanking me for writing to Schulz and re-pledging his total support for a Split and Separate Vote on Article 18.

I know of at least three other people who have also received a reply from Martin Callanan. I don't know if the contents were the same for all replies.

However, I was surprised to get a reply at all, so really appreciate the time that Martin C took to reply and confirm his support.

Would be nice to get an answer from Martin Schulz, but I suspect that is unlikely !!
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