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Cats Kitchen - Recipe Section - Cat - 12-02-2012 11:59 AM

Im starting a recipe thread, as someone asked for a place to post them.

Now I do make my own juice, and have done from about week 3 of starting out on my vapour trail. However, I do not make up up complex recipes, I don't see the point, and frankly it just doesn't appeal to me.

I like basic stuff..

My main vape at the moment, is my Apple Ganny...

I vape at roughly 18mg, and I say roughly as I tend to add less nic than the recipe calls for.

So I start with my base... now everyone bar me, talks of a base as the nicotine base they use, not me.. the base to me is the PG or VG you use.

In my case I use roughly a 70/30 PG to VG mix.

And I use mostly a 54mg PG based Nicotine. My current supplies are Plat Ice, Neat 54 although I have tried others, and most are fine. But I do stick to 54mg, and I don't import anything from the States, to me you don't save enough to make the hassle worthwhile, but each to their own.

Now the PG and VG, well again, I buy UK.

Flavourings, amongst my collection are some Perfumers Apprentice, Decadent Vapours, and Cloud9, however the Cloud9 are pretty strong, so a 10% mix is all that is needed of those.

I follow a basic recipe, which is the one found on Totally Wickeds site, but converted to ml's instead of drops:-

If you add those numbers across, they will all add up to 30, and this makes it nice and easy to make a 30 ml bottle up.

Now in addition to this, to make up my Apple Ganny, I add Ethyl Maltol.

These are crystals which I buy via Perfumers Apprentice, which add the smell of Candy Floss to the juice, which I adore.

How do I do this?

Easy, I start with a 60ml bottle, usually the ones that my PG or VG comes in. I put about 10ml of the PG in the bottle and add about a level teaspoon of crystals, the rule here is no more than 20% of the entire recipe.

Now, once the crystals are in the bottle, pop it into the microwave for 5 seconds.. longer and the bottle will start to melt.

If the crystals have not dissolved, place the bottle in a cup of hot water, and they will start to disappear.


Ok, once that has cooled, put the top on the bottle and shake it about a bit to ensure all crystals are mixed. Remember you don't need these crystals, its just my choice.

IMPORTANT - If you use just VG, do not use the microwave to heat, use the hot water in a cup method, VG can get too hot in a microwave.

Allow it to cool, add remaining PG or VG the nicotine and the flavouring. In my case its a 50/50 mix of DV Apple and DV Caramel, followed by the nicotine, replace cap, and give it a good shake and there you are...

No need to steep, although again its a personal choice...

This mix should now a lovely golden colour.. and smell devine..

Re: Cats Kitchen - Recipe Section - EsxPaul - 12-02-2012 01:53 PM

Thank you, Cat.

This is just the type of thing I am looking for.

By coincidence, I was just watching Mr. K mixing his own RY4 on the VVTV archive and it's got me seriously considering DIY mixing once I get a little more confidence.

I now have the perfect excuse to go back through your Witching Hour shows and find out what this is all about in more detail Wink

Re: Cats Kitchen - Recipe Section - Cat - 12-02-2012 02:50 PM

It is much easier than you think..

And not half as scary as some make out... :o

A 10 ml syringe, and a pipette for VG, some empty bottles preferably the 60 ml kind that PG and VG comes with, the ingredients, and off you go...

Im here to help, and remember, no such thing as a daft question.. ok !

Re: Cats Kitchen - Recipe Section - EsxPaul - 12-02-2012 04:01 PM

Here's one that could be classed as too dumb Big Grin

Am I correct in thinking that nicotine can be purchased and it would come to me as either a PG or VG makeup?

In my mind, I was thinking that I would buy nicotine and that was all I got - straight nicotine which was neither PG or VG..... I then had to go and add quantities of either PG or VG to it.

Re: Cats Kitchen - Recipe Section - Cat - 12-02-2012 08:40 PM

Not a daft question at all...

This is why I don't refer to my nicotine liquid as my base... it gets way too confusing for new mixers.

My Base, is the VG or PG that comes in a bottle and you buy separately.

Nicotine comes in a dilution liquid, which can be VG, PG or PEG, reason being nicotine in its Raw form is illegal.

Now, I started with a 54mg which is 5.4% or as stated 54 mg per ml. But lets not get bogged down with this information. Just accept there is enough PG/VG/PEG in that bottle to keep your nicotine to a strength of 54mg.

[list]You need your base... VG PG
Nicotine which has to be diluted, so 54mg being the most common, we will go with that.

Now when mixing I start with my VG/PG/PEG as thats the largest quantity ingredient.
I then add the next largest which is the flavouring.
lastly the smallest ingredient, which is the nicotine.

Does that make it easier to understand, or are you still confused, if so don't be afraid to say so, and I will try and simplify it, as I must admit, Im even finding myself confusing....Smile

Re: Cats Kitchen - Recipe Section - EsxPaul - 12-02-2012 08:53 PM

Very nicely explained. You are making it make sense to me now, Cat.

So my next question would be...

If I have some PG & VG base, would it be best for me to also have PG & VG based nicotine that goes alongside it?

Not sure I'm wording this clearly but what I am trying to ask is would I be correct in thinking that you would only use, for example, PG base to weaken the PG nicotine and VG base to weaken the VG nicotine etc?

Re: Cats Kitchen - Recipe Section - Cat - 12-02-2012 10:19 PM

It matters not a bit... unless you are severely allergic to either Paul.

Think of it this way...

You have a bottle of nicotine, its 54 mg, you don't want to tape 54mg, you may want to vape 18mg, or 11mg or 24mg or 36mg, either way you have to dilute it down, ok...

So you are using your VG or PG whatever is your preferred base liquid, or a mixture of the two even, plus flavourings to get it down to the strength you want.

VG gives more vapour and added sweetness, but its way too thick to have pure, unless you dilute it with distilled water, which defies the point a bit.

So a mix of PG to VG is the answer, and that mix can be anything you want.. trial and error is the way to find out exactly what you like..

Does that help a bit?

Oh yes.. it doesn't matter what the base is diluted with, you can still add PG to a VG base, and vice versa...

Re: Cats Kitchen - Recipe Section - EsxPaul - 12-02-2012 10:37 PM

That helps more than a bit, Cat.

You have a very good way of explaining things to a newbie Wink

I have tried PG, PEG & VG and have had no reaction to any of them. I would say my most enjoyable liquids to date have been the ones that are a PEG, VG mix (I like the vapour production) although I'm not adverse to the harder hit that I feel I get from pure PG either so that leaves all the options open to me.

I think I'll need to form up a shopping list - a type of starter kit, if you will.

Could you make any suggestions?

Re: Cats Kitchen - Recipe Section - Cat - 13-02-2012 11:40 AM

Firstly I would suggest you stick with UK suppliers, nothing wrong with EU or US, just it can take longer to arrive and thats so infuriating when you are keen to get on with things.

There are quite a few suppliers who sell PG etc in anything between 60 to 200 ml bottles.

These are the ones I personally use, but there are many more just as good.

Liberty Flights, eCigWizard, and Im sure there are others I have forgotten about...


You will need :-

Bottle of PG or VG or PEG, or indeed a bit of
And your nicotine liquid, in a choice of dilutant.

Oh and don't forget a 5 ml syringe, and a pipette if using VG as its too gloopy for a syringe..

And once you have your mix... get one of these... the best invention ever...

Enjoy !

Re: Cats Kitchen - Recipe Section - EsxPaul - 13-02-2012 12:49 PM

Thank you, Cat

That should be plenty enough to get me started Big Grin

Coincidentally, I had already looked around the cig-eliquid site earlier this morning and I noticed they are highly regarded on the forums so I think I'll start there.

Here's another question for you.

Let's say I go and,

A) Buy VG from a supermarket or chemist and thin it with deionised water


B) Buy pharmaceutical grade pre mixed VG from a vendor

Would I end up with any noticeable difference in the quality?

I know it's cheaper to get plain VG and dilute it myself but I wondered if it was a false economy with regard to taste?