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Full Version: The Lock In on Friday nights with Tim
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Live on Ry4 tonight we have the lock in with Tim & Russ and our guest fingers crossed is Russ Wishart from click ban in Americainia
Thats 9pm GMT its non PC and i am sure someone will end up crying !"
Friday 17th January 2014

Tonight on Tims Lock in on RY4 Radio we will have some non PC vaping chat and the usual suspects will be rounded up for a beer or two along with some great music to get you set for the weekend, so break out the beers and fill your tank and settle down.

To get involved you can join us in RY4 Chat, UKV chat, on Skype at ry4chat, twitter @ry4dj

Tonights show is sponsored by the Joyetech Ecomm.

Find all of that here at 9pm GMT
Friday 24th January 2014

On Friday nights lock in show on RY4 Radio Tim and Rusty take a look at TEVCA and a guest from across the pond joins us. We will be taking the usual non pc look at the weeks vaping news and seeing how ITV's rise of the ecig has influenced the customers that came to the shop today. find us from 9pm GMT at
Friday 31st January 2014

Tonight on the lock in with Tim and RusTi we take a non pc look at the vaping news and whats going on in Orange County Florida. To get involved you need to be Here at 9pm GMT, as always there will be some great music along with a moderate amount of drinking and vaping. Tonights show is sponsored by the TECC VTR. To get on the show to voice your opinion our skype is ry4chat and twitter is @ry4dj
Friday 7th February 2014

Tonight's Lock In with Tim will be starting at a slightly later time of 9.30pm. Tim and the usual suspects will be taking a non pc look at the events of this week. Fill up your glasses, fill up your tanks, put your feet up and turn the volume up!! Get ready for some fantastic music and chat!

is where you need to be.
Friday 28th February 2014

From 9pm tonight The lock in will provide you with somewhere to rant about the TPD and hopefully throw some light on what we can do oh btw have you signed at yet ?, Music and non pc chat with Tim Russ and the usual suspects on RY4 Radio skype in at ry4chat tweet @ry4dj
Friday 7th March 2014

Tonight from 9.30 GMT Tim will be at the lockin on RY4 radio along with Russ and maybe a guest or 2 chewing over the weeks vaping news with a non pc flavour, Music and chat on your Friday.
Friday 2nd May 2014

Tonight on the Lock In Tim and Russ will be chatting with Katherine Devlin and covering the weeks vaping news in their usual light hearted non pc way. Grab a beer or 3 fill up your tank and join us from 9pm bst at
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